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Determining whether your benefit programs are structured and delivering what your employees need to stay healthy and productive has never been more important. You need to make the right decisions based on sound data. The stakes are high.
Verscend can help.

unmatched insights

For more than 20 years, Verscend’s risk adjustment and predictive modeling solutions have proven their value to the nation’s largest health insurers, self-funded employers, brokers and benefits consultants, business application integrators, commercial and Medicare ACOs, reinsurance companies, and leading academic research institutions.

  • Health and productivity data integration and warehousing
  • Data-driven benefit design and program measurement
  • Cost-driver reporting and analysis
  • Plan modeling and budgeting
  • Employee risk profiling and gaps-in-care identification
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Benchmarking
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superior predictive power

Part of healthcare’s DNA for more than 20 years, DxCG Intelligence is the gold standard in risk adjustment and predictive modeling, helping providers and other healthcare stakeholders analyze and manage the clinical and financial risks associated with caring for individuals and populations.

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easy, actionable

By combining flexible and easy-to-use technologies with industry-leading clinical and financial analytics, Verscend provides employers and consultants/brokers with internal insights and client reporting solutions focused on the real drivers of cost, quality, and risk in a population. Our online analytics, customizable dashboards, comprehensive report library, and simple exporting capabilities help uncover opportunities to improve results and performance.

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