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WALTHAM, MASS., May 31, 2017— Verscend Technologies, Inc. (Verscend), a leader in data-driven healthcare solutions, has ranked #42 on the Healthcare Informatics 100 (HCI 100), an annual compilation of the top healthcare information technology companies by revenue from the most recent fiscal year. Verscend’s presence on the list is an indicator of both the explosion in industry interest in healthcare data analytics and the company’s proven success in helping payer organizations derive the greatest value from their data.

"The past year has brought significant change to our company," said Dr. Emad Rizk, president and CEO of Verscend. "From the closing of our sale to Veritas Capital in June 2016 to our rebranding from Verisk Health to Verscend and hiring of exceptional talent at all levels, including our executive team, every action we have taken will support our continued growth and market leadership. The need to engage with and make use of voluminous healthcare data has never been greater, and our data-driven solutions play a vital role in helping the U.S. healthcare system undergo positive transformation through advanced data analytics and their intelligent application."

Verscend solutions help healthcare payer organizations take a 360-degree view of their unique healthcare environment:

  • Payment Accuracy: a full suite of payment integrity and cost containment services for all payer lines of business, from ensuring appropriate claims payment to detecting fraudulent providers
  • Quality Improvement: award-winning solutions for unified quality measurement, reporting, and improvement initiatives
  • Risk Adjustment: end-to-end support for all payment and reconciliation facets of a risk-adjusted payment model, ensuring appropriate funding for members and their conditions
  • Performance Analytics: risk analysis, prediction, and management solutions for improved clinical and financial performance

The company works with more than 200 payer clients, including more than 80 percent of Blues plans and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, covering approximately 100 million members.

The HCI 100 has been compiled each year for more than 20 years. Verscend, as Verisk Health, has appeared on the list two previous times. For more information about Verscend’s solutions, click here:

About Verscend Technologies, Inc.
Verscend Technologies (formerly Verisk Health) drives better healthcare outcomes through data analytics. Our payment accuracy, quality improvement, risk adjustment, and performance analytics solutions help organizations utilize their data so they can efficiently and cost-effectively succeed in the new era of healthcare. Learn more at

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