DxCG Intelligence

best-in-class risk adjustment and predictive modeling

Part of healthcare's DNA for 20 years, DxCG Intelligence is at the core of all Verscend Performance Analytics solutions. The gold standard in risk adjustment and predictive modeling, DxCG Intelligence analyzes and helps manage the clinical and financial risks associated with caring for populations.

DxCG Intelligence uses Verscend's proprietary predictive models to turn healthcare data into risk scores for individual patients. Scores correlate with the cost of the underlying illness burden that individuals carry. Aggregating the scores of individuals with key attributes generates group-level predictive results that can be applied to answer questions fundamental to the ability of providers, employers, and payers to manage clinical and financial risks.


budgeting and underwriting

  • Quantify the health risk of enrolled populations
  • Measure risk trends over time across lines of business
  • Budget for care delivery costs
  • Adjust premiums and payment rates
  • Assess reinsurance options based on risk tolerance
  • Substantiate insurance rate filing

medical management

  • Identify high-risk individuals
  • Stratify clinical groups to define outreach strategies
  • Prioritize individuals for targeted interventions
  • Enable member outreach to improve care compliance

performance assessment

  • Quantify physician panel risk burden
  • Establish risk-expected rate variation
  • Assess provider panel utilization variance
  • Support risk-based contracts and gains sharing
  • Promote accountability in healthcare systems
  • Analyze population health outcomes


superior predictive power

As documented in a Society of Actuaries study, DxCG models are best in class, outperforming other risk adjustment and prediction models studied in the analysis. With DxCG Intelligence, providers can trust that they will receive the most accurate predictions of healthcare costs available in the market.

robust models and applications

DxCG Intelligence fully addresses cost, utilization, and risk across all populations. Our transparent, credible measures of population health risk are both clinically and financially grounded, increasing buy-in and making it easier for physicians, medical professionals, and analysts to see the impact of comorbidities, among other benefits.

broad utility

DxCG Intelligence is used by the nation’s largest health insurers, business application integrators, commercial and Medicare ACOs, and reinsurance companies, as well as by leading academic institutions to inform their research.

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