Enterprise Intelligence

guide strategy, improve results

By combining flexible and easy-to-use technologies with industry-leading clinical and financial analytics, we deliver internal insight and client reporting solutions focused on the real drivers of cost, quality and the risk in your population. Our online analytics, customizable dashboards, comprehensive report library and simple exporting capabilities help you uncover opportunities to improve your populations' results and performance.


  • Integrate and access disparate data sources in a single application
  • Analyze medical, Rx, financial, disability, network, HRA and wellness data
  • Customizable executive dashboards and reporting features
  • Geospatial and heat mapping capabilities to identify regions with opportunities


  • Set healthcare strategies based on objective insights into drivers of cost, utilization and quality in your population
  • Design programs, benefits and member outreach and engagement initiatives to reflect your unique challenges and opportunities
  • Streamline enterprise, program and employer group reporting
  • Objectively evaluate cost, quality and utilization performance of programs or vendors

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