Edge Server Hosting and
Data Submission

reduce the cost and technical complexity of data submission

Verscend provides dedicated, secure EDGE Server data environments that are configured and maintained based on CMS guidelines. Clients submit their data directly to Verscend, where it is scrubbed for extraction and submitted to CMS in a compliant format. Our user-friendly platform allows clients to access submission results and analytic and operational reports, as well as perform error reconciliation.


  • EDGE Server hosting
  • Data validation
  • Coordination of data processing by CMS using CMS-developed software for reinsurance and risk adjustment data collection
  • Configuration and maintenance of the data stored on our servers
  • Client access to workflow tool allowing prioritized corrections before data is submitted
  • Distribution of CMS reports and results
  • Reporting at the member, metal, and plan level for eligibility, claims acceptance status, and risk score analysis


  • Increase submission acceptance rates—all 2016 clients submitted at 95% or greater average acceptance rate across member, medical and pharmacy file types (CMS only requires 90%)
  • Increase supplemental data acceptance rates allowing for higher risk scores and potentially higher revenue
  • Avoid allocating IT resources to set up and maintain your EDGE Server environment
  • Reduce administrative time and resources

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